QuoteJar - Release Notes

Version 2.1.2

“I actually kept my New Year’s resolution this year and I’ve been going to the gym for six months!” - Nobody Ever

Happy New Year QuoteJar users! While many of you are recovering from your New Year’s party hangovers and getting started on your resolutions, the QuoteJar team has made a resolution of its own to release even more awesome QuoteJar features! So let’s start 2022 with a bang with some of our most requested updates! So, what’s new?

- Insights: Do you sometimes forget why a quote was so funny and end up deleting it? Our most requested feature to date, Insights, allows you to add context to your quotes so you can remember exactly what led up to them being said. When creating a quote, add as much (or as little) context as you want in the Insights field so you can look back and know exactly why that quote was so funny. Adding Insights is totally optional and what you write will only be shown if you expand your quote and tap the Insights button (because quotes are still great out of context).

- Extended Quote Field: Tired of unknowingly adding typos to your quotes? The quote field has been expanded to fit multiple lines of text which makes it much easier to add longer quotes.

- Updated Autofill Algorithm: Autofill name suggestions now match to any part of a user’s name instead of just their first name.

- General Improvements: We’ve squashed some small bugs and made some updates to our backend that make QuoteJar more secure. Nothing you’ll notice but fun to know.

That’s all we have for now but don’t you go anywhere! We have no shortage of features planned and can’t wait to show you what else we have in store soon. Have any suggestions? Feel free to send them to us at contact@quotejar.io. We’re always looking for new ideas!

Have a happy and healthy 2022 everybody and thank you for using QuoteJar!

Happy quoting :)

- The QuoteJar Team

Version 2.1.1 - Nov 10, 2021

“My family says the most ridiculous things during Thanksgiving.” - Literally Everybody

Hello once again QuoteJar users and happy (belated) Halloween! With the spookiest time of the year now behind us, it’s time to get ready to be thankful! While some call it Thanksgiving, we know it as the perfect holiday to hear your extended family say ridiculous things that just need to be saved in QuoteJar. With that in mind, the QuoteJar team has been hard at work ensuring that QuoteJar is something you can be thankful for. So what’s new?

- Apple Watch: Does your family get offended when you use your phone at the Thanksgiving dinner table? Well no worries! You can now use QuoteJar on your Apple Watch! The new watch app allows you to view your jars, shuffle your quotes, and add new ones with your voice or stealthily with the scribble keyboard. Now when Uncle Joe says his usual crazy banter, you’ll be able to save that quote discretely and immediately!

- QuoteJarTV: While it technically was released about a month ago, we still want to talk about it! QuoteJarTV allows you to stream your jars right from your Apple TV! Use it as a background during a party, when you’re reminiscing with your friends, or when you’re just bored and want to laugh. The app even features a Now Playing section which shows the song you’re currently playing on your TV.

- Alert Sounds: For the two of you that actually keep your sound on, QuoteJar notifications will now come in with a unique sound instead of the iOS system default.

- iOS 15 and iPhone 13 support: Those of you with your shiny, new, small-notched iPhone 13s and 13 Pros will love this one. QuoteJar has been updated to work perfectly with Apple’s latest devices and iOS 15.

That’s all for now folks, but stay tuned! We’ve been listening to your feedback and have some great new features in the pipeline coming soon.

Until then, happy quoting :)

- The QuoteJar Team

Version 2.1 - Apr 11, 2021

“I wish I didn’t need to scroll all the way to the jars I use most often!” - MANY QuoteJar Users

Hello cherished QuoteJar users! We know it’s been a while (again) but no fear, new QuoteJar features are here! We have listened to your feedback and have been working hard on implementing some of the most requested QuoteJar improvements. So what’s new?

- Pinning: Are you in a whole bunch of quote jars and getting tired of having to scroll all the way down to the jars you use most often? Well now you can pin the jars you use most often so they always appear at the top of the list! Just swipe right on a jar and tap the pin button. You can always unpin it by swiping right again.

- Hiding: Do you have that jar with your ex that you can’t get yourself to delete but don’t want to see every time you open the app? Well now you can hide those unsightly jars by swiping left and tapping the hide button. Hidden jars will be pushed to the bottom of your jars list and put into a “hidden” folder. You can tap to show your hidden jars and use them like normal, or unhide them at anytime. Don’t worry, other members can’t see if you’ve hidden the jar!

- Archiving: That jar you had for last year’s spring break is great! But nobody really uses it anymore The admin can now archive jars which means all the quotes already in it will stay safe and viewable, but new quotes are not able to be added.

- Alerts will now move higher when the keyboard is in use so it doesn’t cover the text (finally!)

- Optimizations for iOS 14 and iPhone 12 / 12 Pro

So that’s what’s new, hope you all enjoy! More great stuff is coming to stay tuned!

Happy quoting,

- The QuoteJar Team

Version 2.0 - Apr 10, 2020

“I always read the release notes when an app on my phone updates” - Some Nerd

Well, if you are reading this, hello there! We know it’s been a while, but the QuoteJar team has been hard at work with QuoteJar version 2 to help heal the self isolation blues! So what’s new?

- Push Notifications! (Finally): We know how annoying it was to constantly keep refreshing your jars waiting for someone to add a new quote, but those days are over! You now get notifications when someone adds a quote to a jar or quotes you specifically. Don’t want to be notified? We get it, notifications can customized for each jar you’re in.

- Autofill: Who wants to type out someone’s full name every time? Jar members are now suggested when you start typing in the “said by” field.

- Multiple device logins: Didn’t you hate when you logged in on your iPad and it logged you out on your iPhone? That doesn’t happen anymore.

- Swipe to vote: Swipe right to upvote, left to downvote, it’s that simple!

- Updated icons: They’re all round and stuff now!

- iOS 13 support: Yeah it works with the new iOS even though the next one is probably gonna come out soon anyways.

So that’s what we’ve been up to, hope y’all enjoy!

Stay healthy everyone and happy quoting!

- The QuoteJar Team

Version 1.0.0 - May 28, 2019

"Apps work the best on version 1.0.0" - Nobody Ever

Just some minor tweaks and bug fixes for this first update, nothing to write home about. However, if you do write home, tell them that they can store all their funny quotes with QuoteJar! (and that the QuoteJar team says hi)